Matt Dalley Demolition is an industry leading company by providing quality products and services at a competitive price which consistently meets the needs and expectations of customers in relation to design and construction performance.

Quality assurance provides confidence to our clients and ourselves that our service is meeting their expectations. Our Quality Assurance system, which is certified against ISO 9001, emphasises the importance of adequate planning and review and aims to meet our clients’ requirements on each project.

To achieve this objective we will:

• Communicate our quality policy and procedures to all staff to ensure they understand their responsibilities and part in delivering quality service;
• Provide resources and services that comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, standards, codes, certification and contractual requirements;
• Act quickly and assuredly on customer concerns to ensure we meet their needs and key performance indicators;
• Effectively measure, monitor, analyse and review all business areas to promote continuous improvement;
• Maintain Matt Dalley Demolition’s Business Management System to meet ISO 9001 requirements, integrating this into all business operations;
• Capture suggestions from clients and staff to improve the effectiveness of the Business Management System;
• Meet periodically to review and revise our Quality Policy and procedures to ensure they remain relevant to the organisations goals and objectives.

Management and staff are committed to quality in management and service and will strive to continuously improve performance.

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